Podcast: An Empty Cabinet

Portland Press Herald headline

This week on Big Talk, I joined hosts Al Brewer and Suzanne Murphy to discuss the week's politics. At the top of the list, obviously, was the resignations of commissioners Congdon and Brown.

Since my first posts on the issue yesterday at Down East, a great deal more has emerged about the reasons for and the process behind Congdon's resignation as head of the DECD. Last night's MPBN broadcast and this morning's Bangor Daily News, Sun Journal and Maine Today newspapers' stories on the subject have explained what happened during Congdon's trip to Aroostook County and how it led to his firing.

Governor LePage, however, has still refused to specifically condemn Congdon's remarks or to discuss the matter in detail, despite calls for him to do so today from the NAACP, Maine's tribes, and House Democratic Leader Emily Cain.

Also discussed on the show: the Senate District 7 race, the vote on the Informed Growth Act (scheduled for today, but now postponed) and Republican legislators' attempts to limit access to birth control and abortion services.

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