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US Senate

New Allen Ad on Energy

The Allen campaign has launched a new ad on energy issues.

Entitled “Must,” the ad features Marnee Robinson, owner of Marnee’s Cookies of Bath, as well as Yankee Pride Transport owner Larry Sidelinger of Damariscotta talking about the need for change and bold solutions to our nation’s energy crisis.

In other news, Susan Collins has her own paid cheering section.

New DSCC Ad Praises Allen

A new ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee praises Tom Allen's independence and judgment. Its airing is presumably a part of the $5 million the DSCC has announced they will be spending on the Maine race.

It's nice to see a third-party ad with a positive message.

Hoffman Admits Defeat

From seacoastonline.com:

"There is the possibility of running as a write-in candidate," he said. "I am asking my supporters to give me their opinions on what they would like to see me doing."

But a place on the ballot is not an option.

"As far as being on the ballot, that is over," Hoffman said. "The Democratic Party has succeeded in having my name removed."

Karl Rove: Collins' Election Key For Republican Party

Karl Rove visited the Maine delegation to the Republican National Convention this morning, and Jessica Alaimo at PolitickerME was there with a video camera.

Asked how Republicans could win in the Northeast, difficult political territory for the GOP, Rove highlighted Susan Collins' campaign, saying "our problems in the Northeast have not come about in a short period of time, and they're not going to be solved in a short period of time, but I think the first thing is, is re-elect your senator this year."

Labor Group Targets Collins

A labor advocacy group has announced a $5 million advertising blitz beginning today on national cable and in certain key states, including Maine, in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.

The ad from American Rights at Work accuses Senator Susan Collins of "siding with wealthy CEOs over working families." Thanks to Josh Goldstein, the group's press secretary, for sending over the Maine version of the ad.

Iraq Veterans Group Targets Collins

VoteVets.org, an organization with 102,000 members and which represents Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, has begun a week-long ad blitz against Susan Collins, accusing her of wasting $2 billion of Mainers' money in Iraq.

The ad stars Alex Cornell du Houx, an Iraq war veteran and candidate for state house district 66. Cornell du Houx was previously active in the state and national College Democrats while a student at Bowdoin and also happens to take most of the photos for the Maine Democratic Party's newsletter, which is published by his parents' company.

Susan Collins has already responded in a press release which attempts to tie the veterans group to moveon.org and George Soros. Her campaign has also posted a video response, and her internet director has written a post on his personal blog implying that Cornell du Houx may be violating clean elections law by appearing in the ad.

Cornell du Houx previously appeared in a national ad from Votevets.org supporting the new GI Bill.

A Knife to a Gun Fight

Big business groups launched another negative television ad against Tom Allen yesterday.

Also yesterday, Maine unions held a press conference opposing the ads. The imbalance in resources and effort here is very evident.

Collins' Response Devoid of Substance

Susan Collins released a video on her website today, meant to cut into the coverage Allen is receiving for his convention speech.

One thing that stands out about this clip is the complete lack of any mention of actual issues. Senator Collins talks about how much she likes her home town, bipartisanship, and her new bus, but in nearly two minutes she doesn't mention a single policy she's promoted or a challenge facing Mainers.

In contrast, Allen's short speech hit on the economy, small businesses, home heating oil, the energy crisis, the war in Iraq, and health care (twice). The difference is stark.

Tom Allen's Convention Speech

Tom Allen addressed the Democratic Convention this evening in Denver, and does a great job packing a lot into two minutes (transcript).

Earlier today, Allen spoke at a press conference for Senate candidates. PolitickerME has the video:

Democrats Focus on Women

As Hillary Clinton took the stage at the Democratic Convention last night, Maine women were phone banking in Portland. WMTW reports:

Tom Allen's campaign also chose today to launch "Women for Tom Allen".

Women from across the state have expressed their support for Allen by signing up online for the group, which has had events in Portland, Biddeford, Bar Harbor and Bangor and plans to have two more in Augusta and Auburn.

Maine Senate President Beth Edmonds and Maine Senate Majority Leader Libby Mitchell, strong advocates for women and families in Maine's legislature, are co-chairs of Women for Tom Allen.

"Tom Allen's record in Washington demonstrates his commitment to issues that affect Maine women and families," Senator Edmonds said. "Tom introduced the Middle Class Opportunity Act to provide tax credits for higher education, families with children, and families with ailing or elderly family members."