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US Senate

Susan Collins Is No Obama

Just to make things absolutely clear after this bit of branding, Obama is 100% behind Tom Allen:

"Tom Allen understands the challenges this country is facing, and no one has worked harder to solve them. He knows that if we’re going to bring about the change this country needs, we’re going to have to change the way Washington works. That’s why he’s never been afraid to stand up to the special interests and demand accountability from our leaders.

"Like me, Tom opposed the war in Iraq from the start, and he’s been a tireless advocate for ending the war and reshaping our foreign policy to truly make this country safer and more respected. He’s fought for tax cuts for the middle class, health care for all, and a return to fiscal responsibility -- something this President and his allies in the Senate seem to have forgotten about completely.

"I’ve had the opportunity to meet voters from every corner of Maine, and they have spoken with one voice about the need for real change. There’s no question that Tom’s record of service, his tenacity, and his judgment will make him an excellent Senator. I’m thrilled to be working alongside him in this critical election, and I look forward to working with him as President."

Also, thanks to Politico's Ben Smith for the link.

US Senate: New Poll and New Ad

A new Research 2000/DailyKos poll taken over the last three days shows the same stagnant race we've seen for months, with Allen consistently hovering around 40% (Collins: 57%, Allen: 38%). 38% of Democrats say they're voting for Collins.

The Allen campaign launched a new ad today, stressing the congressman's ability to get things done in Washington.

(h/t CW, TMB)

New Senate Ads

The DSCC has a new ad and a new website (not much there yet) attacking Susan Collins for her support of the Iraq war and linking it to a worsening American economy.

Collins also has two new ads out today, one on education and one on energy. Check them out after the jump. Read more »

Susan Collins as Barack Obama

At the same time that the AFL-CIO is accusing her of being too close to George Bush, a new US Chamber of Commerce TV ad, part of a six-state spending spree on behalf of endangered Republicans, is attempting to link Susan Collins with Barack Obama.

The ad features the same bright blue background that is used on Obama's website and in his campaign advertising. It also uses Gotham (or another sans-serif font that is strikingly similar), the typeface closely associated with the Obama campaign.

The ad is also on the subject of health care, one of Obama's key issues. Of course, the Chamber is congratulating Collins for taking a position diametrically opposed to that of the Democratic nominee.

AFL-CIO Mailer Hits Collins for Supporting Bush

The AFL-CIO will be sending out a mailer to members in Maine today tying Susan Collins to the policies of the Bush administration. It will arrive in mailboxes on Wednesday and recipients will also be receiving phone calls both before and after they receive the piece, according to Heidi Mitchell, the union's Political Communications Specialist for Maine.

Apparently this piece represents the beginning of a big push from the union, which will include more mailers as well as weekly canvasses and phone banks up to election day.

"Susan Collins’ record shows that she is not interested in standing up for Maine’s working families," said Ed Gorham, President of the Maine AFL-CIO. "Collins has proven she would rather give tax cuts for the rich than give working people a break. Voters have a right to know what Collins really stands for."

The AFL-CIO represents about 36,000 workers in Maine.

Full mailer: Front, Back

Allen's Communications Director on YouTube

In this video shot at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Tom Allen's Communications Director Carol Andrews talks with a blogger from Kentucky (where she's worked previously) and discusses what it's like to live among "Yankees" and experience a nor'easter while working on the Allen campaign.

She also gives an assessment of the Senate race, describing Senator Collins as "vastly popular," but predicting that the race will narrow as Allen's TV ads continue to air. She expects Obama's presence at the top of the ticket to have a positive effect on their chances.

UPDATE: She's from Tenessee, the interviewer is from Kentucky. My mistake.

Waxman Video

Here's some video of the recent press conference from WGME.

Waxman Hits Collins on Iraq Oversight

Representative Henry Waxman (D-California), Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, was in Maine today to join the Tom Allen campaign in accusing Susan Collins of neglecting her duties as Chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

Waxman and Allen held press conferences in both Bangor and Portland today, where they discussed waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq.

From a campaign statement:

Sen. Susan Collins was Chair of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, the chief oversight committee of the U.S. Senate from 2003 through 2006. She held the power to call war profiteers like Halliburton and KBR to the carpet, and she was asked repeatedly by her colleagues to do so. At least 10 requests were made by letter. Additional requests were made verbally. She repeatedly refused.

The reason is simple: she was and is a staunch supporter of the war in Iraq and the Bush-Cheney policies regarding Iraq and contractors.

As Chair, Senator Collins was duty-bound to hold these hearings in the interest of taxpayers and troops.

Her refusal to hold hearings and expose the waste, fraud and abuse allowed contractors to reap profits at the expense of taxpayers and troops. Estimates are that up to $23 billion have been subject to waste, fraud and abuse. Our troops were subjected to substandard services, some of which even caused death or physical harm.

That's a tough charge, and one that Rep. Waxman is in a unique position to make. He's been the point man on questioning abuses in Iraq and has been holding official hearings since the democrats gained the majority in 2007.

New Collins Ad on Diabetes Research

A Determined Tom Allen

CW posts a great video from a Labor Day speech: