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A Masterful Compromise on Contraception

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the compromise that Obama announced yesterday on religious-affiliated non-profits and birth control. You can read the full details here.

In particular, it hits dead center on the (not-very-convincing) aguments Snowe and Collins used when they recently reversed themselves on the issue, which I outlined at Down East. It's hard to see a rhetorically-consistent way for them to fail to support his plan.

Bill the Beer Guy

Obama giving a shoutout to Bill Milliken, member of the Maine Small Business Coalition:

Live Obama Coverage

Edit: Live coverage is over. For the day in pictures, check out my twitpic stream.

Mayor Dusan Blogs about Meeting Obama

Portland Mayor Jill Duson has a diary over at TMB describing her experiences as a part of the US Conference of Mayors' delegation to meet with President Obama and his cabinet.

When my turn came, he thanked Maine for the work our two Senators did to assure passage of the stimulus package and I confirmed that our state is very proud of the roles our two Senators. I asserted that we are committed to making the promise of the stimulus, real for the Greater Portland region. And we, as well as our Governor and his administration welcome the reporting process to gather data, track distribution and measure the results of this unprecedented investment.


I apologize for getting national and geeky for a moment.

In a victory for transparency in government and open-source software, the White House has chosen Drupal to host Recovery.gov.

What Do Mainers Want From Obama?

Jobs, health care, an end to the war - sounds about right.

Four Votes for Obama

On Monday, Maine's members of the electoral college gathered in Augusta to cast their votes for Barack Obama. Maine Public Radio's A.J. Higgins recorded the entire proceedings, which you can listen to here.

Election Day Display

The polls may have Maine going to Obama, but one Portland resident isn't going quietly, and put up this display earlier today:

Maine GOP Touts Todd Palin

Deirdre Fulton at the Portland Phoenix's About Town blog flags a mailer from the Maine GOP which attempts to use Todd Palin to connect with Maine snowmobile enthusiasts.

As you can see, the mailer also attacks Obama for accepting the endorsement of the Sierra Club.

At least this Maine GOP piece is positive. Other mailers from the party have mostly been anti-Obama smears.

Poll: Only Question 2 Competitive

A new Market Decisions poll has the casino referendum statistically tied, but shows large margins in favor of Obama, Collins, and for repealing the beverage tax.

President: Obama 52%, McCain 33%
US Senate: Collins 54%, Allen 37%
Question 1: Yes 66%, No 28%
Question 2: Yes 49%, No 48%

The survey of 387 likely Maine voters was taken from October 13–26 with a margin of error of ±5%, 95 times out of 100.

This poll has a smaller sample size and was taken over a longer period than some of the other recent surveys. Polling even is good for CasinosNo!, as undecided voters are thought to be more likely to ultimately vote "No" (in favor of the status quo) on any given referendum.